Brake Supply is working in partnership with SRC of Lexington, Inc. to provide factory quality remanufactured engines for your CAT equipment. This partnership will allow us to offer a comprehensive range exchange components, as well as complete overhaul packages. Our aim is to provide our customers with a total solution to lower the ownership costs of your CAT equipment.

Benefits of Brake Supply Remanufactured Engines

ISO 9001


Factory trained technicians remanufacture engines at OEM specs or better. SRC of Lexington has been ISO certified for over 10 years.


Production measurements are regularly verified utilizing 2 co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM). Some components require machining tolerances of 10 µm (that is less than 1/10 the diameter of a human hair).


All engines are built to meet OEM standards and are fully testing in 2000HP dynamometer cells. All engines ship with a dynamometer test report showing their horsepower, torque and other performance indicators.