Brake Supply is one of only several companies in our industry to have a certified quality management system. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified by ASR – American Systems Registrar, LLC, a leader in management systems certification.

Our rebuilds are, more often than not, better than OEM. Our rebuild process begins with a detailed checklist of technical and dimensional data. Our mechanics carefully inspect each piece and record the results on a tear down inspection report. This procedure allows for a quicker tear down without sacrificing quality. Each aspect of the tear down process is documented and can provide the customer with valuable failure analysis data.

We take our rebuild process further than a typical dealer or in-house customer repair:

  • Metal surfaces are not simply visually inspected; they are carefully examined and measured for acceptable tolerance.
  • We use 42 inch digital calipers to measure clearances. Most OEM repair manuals call for a visual inspection only; if someone has ground the bore or piston out of round with a die grinder, it is undetectable unless measured.
  • All seals, steel plates, friction discs and dampers are replaced with new to ensure component longevity.
  • All components subject to metal fatigue are dye-penetrant tested to detect cracks and imperfections. Anchor studs are always replaced.
  • All units are updated to the latest OEM specifications. This means that as parts service updates are released, the customer will always have the latest version of the components.
  • Before installation, all springs (new and used) are tested to OEM specifications.
  • All bolts are set to OEM torque specifications using a Hytorc hydraulic torque wrench.
  • All wet brake friction discs are soaked in Caterpillar TO-4 specification fluid (or fluid specified by the customer) before assembly.
  • All duo-cone (toric) wheel seals are installed using factory installation tools.
  • Isopropyl alcohol is used as an assembly lubricant that offers a safe alternative to trichloroethane.
  • At OEM specified operating pressure, every wet brake unit is tested for correct piston stroke and internal leakage using a computerized test bench.
  • If the entire wheel end is exchanged, the customer only has to remove the spindle bolts and hose connections to send in the housing, final drive, wet brake, and spindle as one piece; this requires much less labor on his part.
  • The customer receives warranty on the entire unit, not just the plates he buys and installs himself or the wet brake he sends in as a single unit. Effectively, the customer is no longer self-insuring his repairs; Brake Supply’s warranty insures against failure.

The bottom line is that Brake Supply goes to extra lengths to ensure that the highest quality, longest-life, lowest-cost-per-hour components leave our shop.

All of our parts and components come with our standard 6 month warranty.